Download (Mac 10.8+)

Soaker460_Client Soaker460_Server

How to run Soaker460

1) Download the client and server applications.

2) Unzip both downloaded files, and open a terminal window.

3) Open a terminal window and cd into the server directory

Example command: "cd ~/Downloads/Soaker460_Server/"

4) Run the server.

Example command: "./Soaker460_Server 7777"

5) Open a separate terminal window and cd into the client application bundle

Example command: "cd ~/Downloads/"

6) Once you have navigated to the MacOS folder of the app bundle, start the client

Example command: "./Soaker460_Client localhost 7777 Jordan"

7) A window should open, and you should be able to play in your newly hosted game.

If others want to play, have them follow the client instructions given above and

just insert the address and port number of your server when running the client.


Soaker Screenshot

Soaker Screenshot

Soaker Screenshot